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Palm recognition door access


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Evolis Primacy Printer

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Face Recognition Door Access


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Biometric fingerprint time attendance system

Datamine is singapore biometric fingerprint time attendance system and online payroll software provider. Biometric time attendance system comes with fingerprint time attendance recorder, face recognition time attendance recorder, palm recognition time attendance recorder and finger vein time attendance recorder. All biometric time attendance recorder come with proximity card and optional HID card, Mifare card reader. Biometric time attendance software come with windows-based time attendance system and online time attendance system. Biometric fingerprint time attendance system used to capture employees time IN/OUT and OT calculation.

We have ONLINE biometric time attendance system and windows-based biometric time attendance system. All our fingerprint, face recognition biometric time attendance system can be used for small to enterprise level company. Biometric fingerprint and face recognition time attendance system can use for door access system also. Our cloud-based time attendance system come with mobile APPS. Mobile Apps use to update employees apply on leave and check their time attendance. All the biometric time attendance system can accessible via browser and mobile.

Datamine supplies biometric time attendance recorders and RFID card reader such as proximity, HID, Mifare and PIN access door access security system. Also, we do have provide ID card printing services for door access system. All door access security system come with biometric fingerprint reader, facial recognition reader, finger vein reader, palm recognition reader and card reader with PIN access. All biometric fingerprint readers come with latest SilkID fingerprint scanner and face recognition camera algorithms. Latest biometric machine is very fast recognizing fingerprint, face recognition, finger vein, palm recognition and proximity cards.

Datamine supply door access accessories and installation works. We have door access accessories package for wholesale and retails. Can purchase individually door access accessories such as EM lock, emergency break glass, Push exit button, Bypass key switch, fire door bracket, ZL bracket, U bracket, 3A and 5A power supply and backup battery.

Face recognition time attendance recorder

FACE RECOGNITION TIME RECORDERfingerprint/Facial/proximity card

Singapore face recognition, fingerprint time recorder with time attendance system and online payroll software.

Biometric fingerprint HRMS software

HRM SoftwareComplete Human Resources Software

Web based / Online Human Resource Management System with integrated Leave Management, Time Attendance system and Payroll.

ID card printing service

ID Card Printing Service ID Card Printing Services Singapore

Reasonable ID card printing service provider. We printing for all type of ID cards and badges. Staff ID card, Shipyard card, EA personal card etc.

Datamine 620D Punch Card machine

Punch card time recorderPunch card recorder/machine/clock

Singapore punch card time recorder/clock/machine supplier. We supply punch card time recorder accessories such as time card, ribbon and card rack.

Biometric fingerprint/face recognition payroll

Biometric payroll softwareSingapore biometric payroll system

Singapore biometric payroll software provider. Online payroll software come with fingerprint, face recognition, finger vein, proximity card reader.

Datamine CCTV System

CCTV System singaporeSingapore cheap CCTV system

Reasonable analogue/HD CCTV security system provider. CCTV surveillance system for home, office and factory also available indoor/outdoor.

visitor management system  software

Visitor Management SystemOnline Visitor Management Software

Singapore reliable visitor management system provider. We have ONLINE / OFFLINE visitor management system. Online VMS can access from anywhere and used for multi-location.

Desktop and laptop computer

DIY desktop ComputersHardware /Software

Singapore cheap DIY desktop computer supplier, home computer, Gaming PC, School Pc, Office PC also available HP, Lenovo, DELL computers.