Pro RF is an elegantly designed RFID access control terminal. Its IP67 waterproof & dustproof level enables direct outdoor installation, and is even able to normally operate under extreme weather conditions in a temperature range of -20°C~65°C.

As an advanced terminal, Pro RF is equipped wtih 2 relays of lock, alarm control, SRB for enhanced security, and auxiliary smoke detection input for fire security linkage. Its large storage capacity of up to 100,000 users/cards and 600,000 transactions is perfectly applicable to mega-size enterprise.

Users / Cards Capacity 60,000 (Standard) / 100,000 (Optional)
CommunicationTCP / IP RS232 / RS485/Wiegand Input / Output Security Relay Box
Access Control InterfaceLock Relay Output/Alarm Output / Auxiliary Input Exit Button / Door Sensor / Doorbell Output
Hardware1.0GHz High Speed CPU/Memory 64MB RAM / 128MB Flash/125KHz EM Reader /13.56 MHz MF (Optional) / HID Prox.(Optional) / Beep & LED Indicator
Standard FunctionsAccess Levels / Groups / Holidays
Compatibility Wiegand Slave Reader / ZKBioSecurity
Special Functions IP67
IP-based terminal, supports either standalone or network deployment
IP67 waterproof design, suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
Operating temperature: -20°C~65°C (-4°F~149°F)
Full access control features